Wheel of the Year limited edition digital prints

These, our first artefacts, came into being almost by accident. We were interested in producing a work that honoured the ritual cycle of the year: the tides, seasons, festivals and so on. Nigel Pennick’s explorations in ‘Secrets of East Anglian Magic’ were an inspiration. We were particularly interested in mapping the macrocosmic aspects of the year onto the microcosmic aspects of the day so, for instance, it would be easy to tell at a glance that midday corresponds to the wind Auster, the festival of Litha, Midsummer, the month of June, the element of Fire, the energies associated with sustenance and perseverance.

Our original plan was to combine a graphical map of the Wheel of the Day / Year with poems or short stories honouring each house. Instead, the map took on a life of its own such that, after creating the initial ‘Celtic’ variant, we went further and explored aspects of the Norse and Anglo-Saxon ritual year in a ‘Northern’ variant. Some of the poems created along the way will no doubt surface in a future collection.

We printed a very small quantity of these posters for test purposes and gave away most of them to a lucky few. The general feedback we received was so positive that, true to our intent as a digital publisher, we decided to make the digital files available as free downloads. As always, these posters are living artefacts that will evolve over time. We may release some updated limited edition prints in future.

The digital files are in PDF format. Their dimensions are A3. Their resolution is high-quality, and they are print-ready.

We hope you enjoy these prints – either as mediation / study tools or just as interesting artefacts to look at. Please let us know what you think – you can post your comments and images to Instagram. We’d be grateful if you signed up to our mailing list, so we can let you know of any updates or new works in future – see the link below.

Download the print-ready PDF of this poster.

Download the print-ready PDF of this poster.

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