The poet, the scop, the skald, the bard – spell-weavers all. Story-tellers were once recognised as such. Shaman-like, through feats of imagination, they undertook journeys into the unseen worlds and returned bearing fundamental truths of existence. Then, by their word-magic, they conjured this wisdom for the benefit of others; through their direct participation with gods and goddesses, the story teller wove the myths of the people.

It is imagination that reveals the gateway to the otherworld, that sharpens the blade in order to cut the veil. It connects us to the deepest recesses of the unconscious and the highest summits of the spirit-realms. This is why stories possess power. They transform reality, bestow revelation and change the profane into the sacred. They grant identity and provide both a link with the past and a direction for the future.

The relationship between magic and story-telling is so inextricably intertwined as to be self-evident. This is the basis for everything we publish: the imagination as the preeminent organ. There is nothing pejorative about story telling. It is en-chantment, poesis, mythopoeia.

The book is the key to the words;
The words are keys to the spell;
The spell is the key to the unseen;
The unseen is the key to gnosis.


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