All magickal works are products of the imagination, inasmuch as the imagination is the organ of magick and the gateway to unseen realms. Our objective at Nemglan Press is to publish works that are in and of themselves highly imaginative, but are also directly informed by the visionary states achieved by magickal practice. 


Such works will include poetry and fiction; magickal, alternate and heretical histories; new myths and twisted fables; rural, folk and land-based lore; or genres as-yet-unknown. But all will articulate all the mystery, danger, thrill, horror and joy of the sorcerous life; the subtle, profound and inexplicable interactions between the seen and unseen worlds. 


While the soul of these works will be nourished by praxis – after all, this is the flame of revelation that transforms the reader – they will also be intelligent; scholarly but accessible; original; and engaging in their own right. We are particularly fond of works that succeed at an exoteric / profane level, but possess a rich esoteric subtext for those with the necessary level of insight and wisdom.


You can read more about us here, and about our patron here. A bit more about us: we are based out of a witch’s cottage in the heart of Albion. One of us was born in East Anglia, the other in the West Country. One comes from a line of psychics, the other is still feeling the effects of his first spell, conducted when he was very young. We work with the land and our ancestors. We are scholars and practitioners. We are romantic nihilists, progressive radical traditionalists, libertines, folklorists and fantasists. We love dogs, hills, herbs, sunrises and sunsets, entheogens, anarchy, hedonism, doom metal, tea, birds, and synchronicities.

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A caelo usque ad centrum

Abyssus abyssum invocat