News about our first print edition

Our first print edition has arrived! ‘Our Failing Shadows’ by Yorkshire-based occult poet Alexander Menid is a collection of 25 works of esoteric poesis. The first in our Black Chapbook series, this initial edition is a very limited run of 25 copies.


Format is 180 x 120mm, hardback in black bookcloth with black endpapers and a full colour dust jacket. ‘Our Failing Shadows’ is available for purchase here.

“A great deal of care and attention has gone into the design and presentation, which is both minimalist and evocative… You will find the book both engaging and eerily familiar…. It is also a text that can be worked, including invocations to spirits and even a solitary rite, with full instructions. This is not a passive book about someone else’s spiritual experience, but one which the reader too may become involved in.”
– Review by Haw & Thorn

The contents list is as follows:

  1. An incantation: the limen
  2. Lilith
  3. An invocation: Babalon (Enochian)
  4. An invocation: Babalon (translation)
  5. An initiatory rite (for humankind)
  6. A folk-song for Midsummer
  7. The Deepest Myth
  8. X
  9. Ghosted
  10. Wisdom of the dead
  11. An enchantment: the World Hill
  12. Night’s witness
  13. A trance-poem: fever dream
  14. The watcher
  15. A spell: witching day
  16. Anticosmic
  17. The spirit-ways
  18. The night-soul
  19. Rite of the Unseene Lorde
  20. Tree-scribe
  21. Psalm (original)
  22. Psalm (translation)
  23. An incantation: the Wild Hunt
  24. A curse (for humankind)
  25. Our failing shadows
  26. Canticle: love of loves
  27. Mortal life