In anticipation of our forthcoming free poetry collection exploring poesis – the intersection between poem and spell, here’s an early example of what to expect:

An Enochian invocation

Babalanuda erm a Momao de Teloah;
Adapehaheta Turbs;
Ialapereji de a Mahorela:
Ol zodameta.

Torezodu calz zomdv ialpor oxiaial,
Zomdv umadea a a bobanu,
Zomdv poamal de oresa;
Zodiladare mirc zomdv upaah de bagie
Od niis pugo a zodimibe a a raas.

Erm napea od momao;
Quooiape de a geraa od a aoiveae,
Ol vinu ila.

Zimii oi amma siaion;
Aala canilu a oi affa mononusa;
Zodixalayo a tarananu;
Bogira emna.

Ol lava ila, Exentaser Vime!
Zodonorenusagi pugo ol zomdv liaida alca,
Zomdv cicale, zomdv samevelaji alonusahi.

Od ol surezodasa adagita aboaperi od darbs cacrg teloah.

Mariehe zomdv quasahi.


Harlot with the Crown of Death;
Unspeakable Beauty;
Flame of the Dark Heaven:
I conjure thee.

Rise above your burning throne,
Your tower in the west,
Your palace of darkness;
Fly upon your wings of fury
And come unto the veil in the east.

With sword and garland;
By the names of the moon and the servant stars,
I invoke thee.

Enter this curséd temple;
Put blood in this empty heart;
Stir up the marrow;
Reign here.

I beseech thee, Mother of all Wrath!
Deliver unto me your secret wisdom,
Your mysteries, your righteous power.

And I swear to serve and obey until death.

According to your pleasure.